Welcome and Happy New Year 2017


Thank you for visiting and welcome to the blog.

I have come to describe myself as a constitutional conservative, though it is a term I use with some sadness.  Simple obedience to the Constitution truly should not, in my view, be a subject of political argument.  Liberals and conservatives alike ought to understand that the federal government outlined in the Constitution is one of enumerated powers, and that it cannot act outside of the limits of these delegations of authority.

However, over the past decades I have noted with alarm that too many politically-oriented Americans — and the right is not exempt from this criticism — have grown careless in their attitude toward our founding documents.  This deficiency in civic education is dangerous in a constitutional republic.   Adherence to constitutional law should be the underlying basis of unity between people at both ends of our political spectrum.

Too often, heated public debate over what the federal government should be doing takes place with no mention of what it may do.  Too many Americans treat the Constitution as a beloved but quaint artifact rather than as a binding legal document that created only a limited number of areas in which the federal government may act.

Wisely, the framers created a processs by which the Constitution can be amended, as has occurred regularly throughout our history.  But tragically, out of expedience, many of our leaders have begun legislating or issuing orders far beyond the constitutional scope of federal authority.  Sometimes they simply see no need to reference the Constitution, while at other times they pervert the general welfare or commerce clauses to suggest that whatever appears politically desirable is therefore also constitutional.

In the future, I intend to expand more on this theme in writings posted to this blog.   I will also write about other current events of interest and will post announcements regarding my other writing projects outside of the blog.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit.


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