Salute to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas

Dear readers,

With all of the deserved attention paid to the leaked emails of Podesta and the DNC during the latest election cycle, we should not forget the role that the aggressive investigative journalism of Project Veritas played.

The most damning example was the footage they captured in which a Democrat operative admitted to instigating violent incidents at Trump rallies — notably at a time when the left was attempting to paint Trump supporters as violent.  See that story here:

Sadly but not surprisingly, it appears that mob action by the left is an enduring feature of our political system.  In the latest feature by Project Veritas, leftist activists are caught plotting to disrupt inaugural celebrations using such methods as putting butyric acid in a building’s ventilation system.  See here:

If things turn ugly in DC during the coming weekend, the country will have a good idea as to which side was responsible.  And the control left will have  taken one more opportunity to alienate average, working class Americans.

And that result is fine with me, as long as nobody gets hurt.  Let us all pray nobody does.

I remain most respectfully 


K. Evanston Treadwell


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